Remote interpreting: how does it work?

Remote Intepreting: how does it work? photo by clem-onojeghuo/

Listen, the article below is not another post about simultaneous translation, it concerns remote interpreting. Why would I want to tackle this topic? Because it’s hot news, people and also because I couldn’t find anything relevant when searching the Net. Even though this technology is fairly recent, it has already caused many controversies and rumours.

As, Emmanuel Macron, our beloved President of the French Republic wishes to turn France into a start-up nation, the multilingual communication industry has taken the lead on this innovation. Remote interpreting is a new professional practice where sometimes none of the following stakeholders are physically present: speakers, event planners, participants to an event and last but not least, conference interpreters. This brand-new horizon is here and here to stay no matter what some speakers, event planners and/or even fellow interpreters say. Why is it a New Deal? Who will be impacted?

Finally, what are the pros and the cons? These are some of the questions I would like to address here, providing only my own interpretation. This is my opinion only and as there are no relevant market research studies so far or academic researches regarding the subject.

Therefore, I had to dig into my own readings and use my own personal experience as a conference interpreter and multilingual interpreting Project Manager to draft what you’re about to read.

Remote interpreting, what is it?

“Interpreting services delivered by distant providers. A real disruption for the interpreting industry as professional interpreters are not physically present on site!”

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